Month: November 2014

Push For Clearer Mortgage Terms

Consumer watchdog Which? is calling on the Chancellor George Osborne to use his Autumn statement – due on December 3rd – to stop ‘sneaky fees and charges’ on mortgages and make it easier for property buyers to find the best deal.

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A Cautionary Tale About Conveyancing Checks

Ksenia Martin, a retired housing manager from Clifton, Nottinghamshire, has been left devastated and feeling isolated as construction work has begun to widen the A453 outside her home. The work, which includes the introduction of a brand new roundabout, will prevent Mrs Martin from using her driveway ever again.

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Oderous Insect To Hit Our Shores!

A stink bug which emits an appalling smell and has already infested homes in China, Japan, Taiwan and the United States is set to imminently make its way across to Britain – as the Government’s Food and Research Agency issues a warning.

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