Month: July 2014

A Split in the Market, but Rugby Remains Buoyant

According to the latest quarterly Halifax Housing Market Confidence Tracker, belief in the housing market is split into two separate camps: on the one hand, the public have never been more optimistic about house sales, on the other, the outlook for the acquisitions market is at its lowest level since 2011.

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Market Update for Rugby Area July 2014

Cadman Homes Rugby Property Bulletin

Overview – The data collected was from the 22NDJuly 2014 and was taken from a range of sources including the land registry, Zoopla and

  • Average asking price “for sale” in the Rugby area is £280,337 with a stock of 354 properties on the market on Zoopla and 417 in total.


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Press Release to Rugby Advertiser 29thJuly 2014. Cadman Homes – You’re so!

Town centre based estate and lettings agents Cadman Homes are going one step further in an effort to offer value for money for sellers and landlords in Rugby. The Castle Street based family owned and run firm have been approved by comparison site and are to offer their services in a brand new estate agency section that is due to be launched soon, in conjunction with the UTD  Group.

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The majority of men (80%) questioned by the Little House Company as part of their grassroots survey of households across the UK said they think a home purchase is ultimately the woman’s decision. This is in comparison to 75% of women who answered the survey stating that they believe it is a joint decision.

What’s more, it seems women value the importance of emotional features such as the “wow-factor”, whereas men value the importance of practical and functional features, such as how much work the property needs doing to it.

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In the first half of this year rents grew faster compared to the same period in 2013, according to the latest Countrywide Residential Lettings analysis of over 65,000 rental properties. Average UK monthly rents increased 4.6% over the past year, growing at approximately twice the rate of 2013. Unlike 2013, when rents grew most quickly across parts of Northern England, it has been Outer London and the East of England where rental growth has been fastest, the research suggests.

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Courtesy of Estate Agent Today

Say “online estate agents” and property people retreat to their trenches, for or against, quicker than I can do a Google search using 4G.

As a journalist I’m agnostic but I must say they – online agents – have a frankly odd fascination with cost.

Instead of emphasising flexibility, simplicity and modernity, they invariably drop the debate to one of price. Do they not know that ‘cheap’ does not equal ‘good’?

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